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Launched: March 23, 2015

This new subscription service succeeds the Property Sales Data subscription service.  JAMPROP will provide property sales data online only for:

  1. Transfer of Registered Land Titles (for Parcels) e.g. Currency Type, Valuation Number etc.
  2. Transfer of Registered Land Titles (for Strata) e.g. Consideration, Land Use etc.
  3. Mortgage Listing e.g. Registration Year, Mortgage amount etc.


Once you subscribe for JAMPROP you will be able to access Jamaica Property Sales information online. JAMPROP also offers more flexibility and versatility. The features and benefits include:

  1. Multiple Search Layers e.g. Parish, Valuation number, Title Reference number, Consideration, Registration Date, Street Name and Land Use.
  2. Data Analysis. This includes sum, minimum and maximum.
  3. The ability to access transfers for several periods or a single period
  4. Historical Data from 2004
  5. Options to export data PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel
  6. Ability to view exported information via the available map
  7. Data can be exported using Charts and Graphs
  8. Customer Feedback Option
  9. Periodic updates to enhance the customer service experience and quality of data
  10. Subscription expiration reminders
  11. You may download excel sheets at your own convenience
  12. Ten Base Maps are available
  13. The ability to pay subscription online using Credit Card


The subscription fee is $75,000.00 JMD for 12 months or $40,000 JMD for 6 months. Your subscription period ends 12 months or 6 months from your first day of activation.